All the things I embrace as new are in fact old things, re-released. “Peanut Butter” -Eileen Myles There is a wild garden with prayer flags and bird feeders in Sedona. At the center, more prayer flags stretching out to four corners. The idea, I learned, was to circle for a time. Turning the wheel of […]

The crack in the glass started in summer. The floral shape on impact From object flung unknowing Sprouted a stem that grew Beanstalk-like overnight Curiosity kept a watch From left to right Weeks of lunar cycles and holidays The someday fix faintly being scheduled On the other side of the far right end To this […]

Gin in winter is lonely. Stolid in summer. Chocolate with Ginger. Chocolate with Brandy. Chocolate tobacco, like potpourri. Juniper and grapefruit, Nihilism and mindfulness. Rose oil. Rosewater. Bitters love company. Compassion and Stoicism fall away while I sleep. Gifts from the universe, a monkey’s paw story ; How we learn. Monkey’s paw answers to meditation. […]

The oldest is the sharp surprise of that first note awakening from silence. She is a new idea, the turn of fashion, The first time you hear a joke.   The second is the sound at the center, it’s most clear tone. He is the idea that settles, a great sweater, the reason you want laughter. […]

Black Rock City, where life is condensed. Everything…hope, dance, exposure, love, sex, loss, deprivation, Everything. So much of it. A triple shot of life. A week, and your head is spinning. A week, and the watered down pace the rest of life is going feels alien; guts you on the shore.   Carnival of mirrors, indeed.  

One of the beauties of loving to read is that there is always more. I’ve managed to miss lots of important authors in my 40 years of reading. Here is one on my list to soak up: Margaret Atwood. Here is my favorite poem of hers, so far:   AGAINST STILL LIFE  Orange in the middle […]