“There was another life that i might have had, but I am having this one.” -Kazuo Ishiguro * * * 44 is less anxious than 34 or 24. It’s softer and more free but not at all what I imagined. The pain and lost expectations of my 30’s is just a story to unravel now. […]

Most lives are best lived linearly Hard wired for God Finding comfort in ritual We soften bedtime and holidays Believe the believers before us But there are straying sheep and corruption. When we, like sheep, Don’t wander to wolves When we choose that path That fruit How we burst forth From interminable life Multidimensional now. […]

First. Burnt Sage for clearing and opening. Next. Small Cedar sprigs with the energy of the mountains; the big animals of the forest. With the energy of obstacles and lessons. The energy of effort and focus. Finish. Sweetgrass. The energy of water. The energy of tears, tension; of washing, of flowing forward. Of life. Moving […]

Here is an old favorite: If it doesn’t happen My body will still Wake itself Before the sun. I will revive. I will go into the day, But what color will the sky be? Will I notice? I will show up to life, But will it taste right? Sometimes everything is Orange juice after toothpaste. […]

The day before the winter solstice a therapist asked me “Is it enough to hold a vigil of one?”. And again, the next day, another friend, another conversation but the theme was “You are enough”. To write and post my writing I have to believe there is value in the experience. Either for me or […]