Most lives are best lived linearly
Hard wired for God
Finding comfort in ritual
We soften bedtime and holidays
Believe the believers before us

But there are straying sheep and corruption.
When we, like sheep,
Don’t wander to wolves
When we choose that path
That fruit
How we burst forth
From interminable life
Multidimensional now.

As with the word adultrey, not coming from the word adult
But from words meaning alter and to make other
That path opens
And we look up
We step forward
Wandering sheep becoming other
Marriage–baptism by water
Loving a married man–baptism by fire
Like a chain gang rhythm
The dross removed
Free now from indenture
but free too from innocence

The other sheep, the shepard even,
Hard wired for stereotypes
Like the ones about women choosing abstinence
Choosing adoption
Choosing abortion
Hard wired to typecast us
The women taken in