First. Burnt Sage for clearing and opening.

Next. Small Cedar sprigs with the energy of the mountains; the big animals of the forest.
With the energy of obstacles and lessons. The energy of effort and focus.

Finish. Sweetgrass. The energy of water. The energy of tears, tension; of washing, of flowing forward. Of life.

Moving to the pipe. A female theme, wood and beads.
The bowl for femininity, the stem for the masculine. Stored separately. Joined together in prayer. Coming together in oneness, in completeness.
Spinning the bowl in your left hand. Stem moving clockwise. Bowl touching Mother Earth. Bowl touching the heart. Raising the pipe to the forehead with an intention of balance.

Then comes the sweet pure scent of tobacco wafting ahead of the pipe around the circle.

The sharp inhale. Small draws of breath.
Circling the pipe. Handing it to the next supplicant.
Eyes closed, inhaling the sweet deep flavor left on my skin.
Tendrils raising up in my mind’s eye, felt in each breath until the scent and taste fade.

The deep arching taste of tobacco left at the back of the throat; at the roof of the mouth. On the lips.
Tasting it for humanity. Thanking the land, the water (bloodflow of the earth). The moon and sky circling, like the pipe, the tendrils.