The day before the winter solstice a therapist asked me
“Is it enough to hold a vigil of one?”.
And again, the next day, another friend, another conversation but the theme was “You are enough”.
To write and post my writing I have to believe there is value in the experience. Either for me or the reader.
I have to believe that one voice or perspective can matter.
If I have an audience of one and they disappear; if my listener abandons me does my reason for writing leave with them?
My answer sometimes is “Yes”.

Solitude is beautiful;
Loneliness torture.
There is still connection in solitude.
I believe in connection.
I’ve led classes and workshops with one attendee. One person to teach is enough.
Somedays we practice alone.
But that’s where all my beliefs can fall apart.
I don’t place enough value on my own daily practice.

“Do your practice and all is coming.” -Pattabhi Jois

My intention for 2017 is my practice.
Daily practice can be reading ancient scriptures or prayer; mala beads or prostrations.
Daily practice can be milking the cows at dawn or running.
It’s about creating connection through solitude.
That’s where the ingredients for magic are found.
I’ve been missing magic for too long.
A vigil of one is enough.
You are Enough.